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Dimensioned drawings
KCG 9387 Turbo
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EU-Data Sheet

Finishing:black glass with front bevel, cast iron supports
Dimensions:86,0 × 52,0 × 5,5
Niche dimensions:width (cm): 73,0
depth (cm): 49,0
Cooking zones:5 gas burners, namely:
1 x Ø 4,0 cm (1.0 kW) – economy burner
2 x Ø 6,5 cm (1.75 kW) – standard burners
1 x Ø 9,0 (3.0 kW) – large burner
1 x Ø 13,0 (3.8 kW) – triple Turbo burner with cast iron Wok adapter
Heating zone control:Front-mounted control knobs
Temperature control:non-stage
Tecnical details
Dimensions in packaging (H × W × D):91,5 × 57,5 × 16,5
Energy source:Gas, Electric power
Nominal voltage (V):230
Frequency (Hz):50
Safety (A):yes
Net weight (kg):21,0
Gross weight (kg):23,5
Principal characteristics:
Operating with different types of gas
The appliance has been factory-preset as default to natural gas and can be also operated with LP gas/ propane.
The liquid gas nozzles for 30 mbar and 50 mbar are included.

One handed ignition
All gas and gas-electric cookers by Kaiser are equipped with automatic pilotless ignition. Just turn the knob – and the reliable burner ignition is provided. There is no need for matches or lighters any more.

Flame failure safety device
The flame can extinguish because of a draught or boiled-over food. A thermo-sensor detector cuts off the gas supply automatically. This quick stop function ensures high security.

Cast iron supports
mat black, removable, durable, increased comfort care – Dishwasher-suitable

Wok adapter made of cast iron

Coffee adapter made of cast iron – optional

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