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Marke Kaiser wurde als SPECIAL im Wettbewerb •German Brand Award 2021• ausgezeichnet
Marke Kaiser ist der Gewinner des Wettbewerbes •German Design Award 2020•
Marke Kaiser ist der Gewinner des Wettbewerbes •German Brand Award 2018•
Marke Kaiser ist der Gewinner des Wettbewerbes •German Brand Award 2017•
Have you got any questions? Here, you can find all information about Kaisers' products in alphabatical order.
Aqua spray   The laundry is permanently sprayed with water during the washing cycle which results in a better washing quality, especially with large amounts of washing.
Beverage rack   The elegant beverage rack contributes to secure and place-saving storage of bottles. The in-the-door racks are stylish, stable and breakproof.
Child lock in ovens   The child lock installed in the oven door is activated automatically and can be easily unlocked if required.
Climate Class N   Ambient temperature: +16°C to +32°C
Climate Class SN   Ambient temperature: +10°C to +32°C
Digital display   The electronic display with clear text digital read out is a convenient and user-friendly indicating device.
Dual cooking zone   The dual cooking zone consists of two heating zones. Dependent on the size of the pan, you can either switch on only the inner heating element (energy saving mode) or additionally activate the second, bigger heating zone.
Energy Class A+   Energy saving Class A+ appliancies consume up to 15% less energy than Class A appliancies.
Electronic temperature control   Temperature can be selected easily and remains unchanged at the requierd level.
Electonic temperature control   The fridge temperatures are selected by electronic push buttons. Thus, required temperature can be set at the slightest touch.
Exhaust air operation
/recirculating air operation
  Both modes are available in all types of fume extractor hoods. During the exhaust air operation, the hood is connected to a ventilation system. In the recirculating air mode, retracted air is purified by means of an activated carbon filter.
Electonic temperature control   The fridge temperatures are selected by electronic push buttons. Thus, required temperature can be set at the slightest touch.
Extra cool oven front   Triple-glazed doors contribute to a better insulation of the baking area in ovens and secure cool oven fronts.
Foam control   The amount of foam is measured automatically. In case of superfluous foaming, the level of water is additionally increased.
Halogen lighting   The halogen lighting system provides very pleasant warm light as well as the ideal illumination of the interior.
Hand wash   This program is recommended for delicate laundry that needs careful handling or hand washing. It provides thourough but still gentle washing at 30°C.
Hot air   A fan ensures that the heat is evenly distributed throughout the oven. The hot air system contributes to reduction of baking time, so is time and energy saving.
Ice maker   What about ice cubes within 30 minutes? It's no problem for Quick-ICE. The ice maker can reach maximal efficiency within a shortest time in the freezer. The advantage is that cubed ice is made three times faster than conventionally.
Oven function selection   Electronic function selector enables you to select the required cooking mode, e.g. pizza baking or simmering.
Quick wash   The program is time, water and detergent saving. Washing time is reduced by 30%.
Self-clean oven   The catalyser provides permanent and convenient cleaning of hard-to-reach places, e.g. top and back surfaces of the oven cavity. No need to scrub - baked-on spots of grease and suace can be easily removed in a blink!
Time delay function   The time delay function enables to automatically start the washing in 1, 3, 9 or 12 hours.
Telescopic guides   Thanks to a special stopper, telescopic guides ensure a higher level of safety while trays and shelves are being pulled out. The system of telescopes provides comfortable withdrawal of baking trays, so that you can always have a look at the food without havinng to reach right inside the hot oven.
Touch control   Touch control buttons can be used easily and conveniently. They react to the slightest touch.
Water level control   The water level is automatically regulated dependent on the amount of laundry, fabric suction capacity and selected program.
Wrinkle free   The wrinkle free program prevents laundry from getting creased and, thus, ensures gentle and crease-resistant washing. The need for ironing is very limited, indeed.

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