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Dish washing better
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Marke Kaiser wurde als SPECIAL im Wettbewerb •German Brand Award 2021• ausgezeichnet
Marke Kaiser ist der Gewinner des Wettbewerbes •German Design Award 2020•
Marke Kaiser ist der Gewinner des Wettbewerbes •German Brand Award 2018•
Marke Kaiser ist der Gewinner des Wettbewerbes •German Brand Award 2017•
Washing up better
The dishwasher interior is made of stainless steel which not only contributes to a pleasant sight but also ensures a long-life performance.
    Vertically adjustable upper basket
The upper basket can be adjusted at any height, so that the inner space can be used rationally.
    Double dispenser
A specially designed double dispenser minimizes the consumption of detergent. The device consists of two different parts and ensures easier dosing of detergent, tablets or rinse-aids.
    Aqua stop
Has an anti-leak function and prevents water damage. Water supply is cut off in case the inlet hose or rinsing compartment has a leak.
    Low noise operation
No one can be distirbed. The dishwashers by Kaiser are provided with a special sound-proof system ensuring specially quiet performance.
    Wave spray arms
The construction of the two wave spray arms prevents them from interfering each other and ensures better rinsing results. The edges are directly aimed with water jets, so that all the stains are removed and the dishes get washed up in the best way.

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