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Washing better
Free standing Range
Marke Kaiser wurde als SPECIAL im Wettbewerb •German Brand Award 2021• ausgezeichnet
Marke Kaiser ist der Gewinner des Wettbewerbes •German Design Award 2020•
Marke Kaiser ist der Gewinner des Wettbewerbes •German Brand Award 2018•
Marke Kaiser ist der Gewinner des Wettbewerbes •German Brand Award 2017•
Washing better
The system optimizes the circulation of water in the drum and helps to avoid the detergent concentration at the bottom. After water has been supplied, the detergent is injected. This provides optimal wash efficiency and saves 23% of the detergent.
    Water shower
The laundry is permanently sprayed with water during the entire washing cycle which results in a better washing quality, especially with large amounts of washing.
    5° drum tilt
The 5° tilt and the special shape of the drum increase the mechanical washing effect in our new washing machine in a surprisingly simple and very efficient way.
    Low noise operation
The drive system as well as the special drum construction can easily provide a non-stop washicg round the clock. No one can be disturbed by this washing mashine, even in the same room.
    Wool program
This program enables you to wash your woollen scarves in the washing mashine. Very slow and delicate pendulum-like swings ensure optimal washing of the thinnest woolen scarves.
    "Soft wave"
The correct water consume, subtle swings of the drum and soft dynamics provide preserving your favourite things in the same form.
    Foam control
In case of superfluous foaming, the water level is additionally increased. This provides superior washing and rinsing results.
    Anti-stain program
This operation mode increases the efficiency of washing and optimizes the use of detergent: even the most stubborn staines can be easily removed!
    Ultra-care program ensures superb results in delicate and still efficient washing of silk and similar fine fabrics.
    Hand wash
The soft swings which feature this program make possible to wash clothes which are conventiolly washed by hand.
    Stainless steel drum
The drum made of stainless steel guarantees a long-lasting performance and durability.
    Logic control is an electronic program which can evaluate the kind of laundry as well as its amount in the drum and lets in as much water as is really required for the washed amount. Besides, less water also means less energy.Logic control calculates the highest possible number of revolutions, sets the relative parameters and starts to spin-dry.Logic system provides more possibilities while selecting a program. With 12 main combinations and 4 special operating modes with additional temperature selection and number of revolutions you have up to 4109 various combinations.
    Time delay function
By necessity, you can preselect the beginning of the washing cycle - it's enough to turn the pre-selection knob! All "Avantgarde" washing mashines provide four possibilities, i.e. to start the program in 1, 3, 9 or 12 hours. You should only set the required time, wait for the confirmation signal (light indication) and select the necessary program. The rest is done automatically.
    "Aqua stop"
This system prevents water damage caused by the leaking water hose or detergent container.
    33 cm porthole with a 180° openning angle, the porthole provides a convenient look-in while loading and unloading.
    Bio ferment wash
The washing mashines by Kaiser have a special operation mode providing better efficiency of the bio ferments contained in the detergent. This program ensures a better solution of ferments which contributes to more efficient washing results and removes even the most stubborn stains like blood, milk and chocolate.
    Hot and cold air circulation(in washer dryers)
Dependent on the selected program and the required drying result, the washing mashine can be programmed as follows:
  • drying at higher temperatures by means of
        hot air, 30-140 minutes
  • · drying at lower temperatures by means of
        hot air, 30-90 minutes
        Top loader
    This type of washing mashines can be recommended for smaller rooms. The top loaders provide convenient loading and unloading, so that there is no need to bend. The drum and the loading openning are made of stainless steel.
        Ergonomic design The ergonomic design of a washing mashine and its separate parts contribut to convenient use.

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