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Washing machine
Energy class:A
Washing efficiency class:A
Spinning efficiency class:B/ B/ C
Product short description
Short description:

Dimensions (DxWxH), cm: 59×59,5×85

* – Colour: white – standard colour, G – INOX look

Spin speed (rpm): 1400/ 1200/ 1000

Washing performance class: A

Energy efficiency class A

Product line: AvantgardePLUS

Tecnical details
Bioferment washing:yes
Amount evaluation automatics:yes
Auto-balance system ABC:yes
Number of basic programs:19
Number fo additional programs:4
Spin speed (max. rpm): 1400
Spin speed reduction:yes
Capacity (kg):8
Spin speed control:yes
Temperature control:yes
Foam evaluation and rinsing adaptation:yes
Remaining time counter:yes
Start-up time preselection:1-16 hours
Door lock at operation:yes
Water consumption (Colour wash 60°C) (L):75
Energy consumption (Colour wash 60°C) (kWh)1,22
Nominal voltage (V):230
Frequency (Hz):50
Safety (A):16
Net weight (kg):73
Gross weight (kg):74,5
Principal characteristics
  • Logic control – full electronical monitoring of all processes
  • Interactive graphic LC-display
  • Weight control automatics – energy and water saving
  • System Weiche Welle (Soft wave) – ultra care
  • Basic programs: cotton, synthetic, delicate, wool (Woolmark recognised), rapid wash, hand wash, daily program
  • Extra buttons: stert delay, spin speed,pre-wash, intensive wash, extra rinse, easy ironing
  • Electronic one-button program control with a user-friendly multifunction LCD display
  • Electronic balance load control ABC
  • Easy Ironing function
  • Delayed start function
  • Rinse stop, no spin option
  • Maxi porthole door: chromium-plated ring with 180° door opening angle
  • High-grade steel XL-Drum – volume 64 l
  • Aqua-Stop system
  • Anti foam system
  • Radio/TV interference built-in noise suppressor

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