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Fridge freezer side-by-side KS 90200 G
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EU-Data Sheet

Product description
Energy class:A+
Compressors (No):1
Gross total capacity (L):576 l
Refrigerator net capacity (L):376 l
Freezer net capacity (L):200 l
Freezer storage temperature (° C):-18 °C and lower, deep freezing
Star rating:* / ***
Freezing capacity (kg / 24 h):12 kg / 24 h
Separate temperature control:yes
Open door indication by audable and visible signal:yes
Defrost system (Fridge/Freezer):Automatic
Interior lighting:LED
Rear rollers:2
Vertically adjustable feet:yes
Vertically adjustable shelves
high-quality safety glass (No):
Vegetable / fruit crispers (No):2
Door compartments (No):5
Egg trays (No):1
Freezer drawers (No): 2
Shelves (No):5
Super Ice Box (No):1
Tecnical details
Dimensions:width (cm): 91,5
depth (cm): 71,7
height (cm): 180,2
Dimensions in packaging (H × W × D), cm:191,0 × 98,0 × 76,0
Energy consumption daily (kWh):1,28 kWh
Energy consumption yearly (kWh):467,2 kWh
Refrigerating agent:R 600 A
Climate class:SN-T
Net weight: (kg)125,0 kg
Gross weight (kg):138,0 kg
Principal characteristics:

    Electronic control system
    Complete control of the electronic functions of the device and optimization of its work. It provides a wide range of temperature adjustments from –24 °C to +8 °C, enables flexible and fine tune for long preservation of food. Separate control modes for the refrigerator and freezer chambers.

    Logic Control
    Electronic control panel guarantees precise control on the refrigerator and freezing compartment. The temperatures are indicated on the digital display. In case of an interrupted function in the refrigerator, the display indicates the error correction code, so the problem can be easily found and solved.

    Inverter motor
    Reduced power consumption and significantly lower noise, long life of compressor. Provides precise temperature control and keeping fresh. Temperature sensors together with microprocessing technology optimize the motor performance for maximum efficiency of cooling and freezing.

    The automatic defrost system
    The device make defrosting automatically, reducing maintenance and service of the refrigerator to minimum. The air recirculation reach an equal distribution of temperature in all chambers, fine and precise chambers' temperature control, fast cooling and freezing. It provides faster temperature recovery in the chamber after loading the big quantity of products or simply repeated door opening (positively affect the quality of cooling, preserving of food and saves energy).

    Cloud Fresh
    Device for protection against bacteria and for smells' removal. Absorption of smells in the refrigerator to maintain freshness.

    LED illumination
    provides substantial interior lighting of the entire refrigerator compartment without the user being dazzled.

    Super long storage of vegetables and fruits. The upper dry box with a lighting system DayLight. It keeps food fresh for a long time and makes a healthy and balanced diet.

    Electronic LED device. Specially designed LED glow randomly cycles to achieve the analogy with natural light, which significantly increase the storage life of fruits and vegetables.

    Freeze Box
    Transparent plastic boxes made of cold-resistant plastic. That, highly-effective special chamber of refrigerator developed for best storage of fish, meat, chicken, cheese. It allows to keep its tastes and nutritional properties three times longer in compare to traditional conditions of products storage.

    Super Frost
    The super frost function provides fast freezing of stored food. The freezer switches on to normal operation in 24 or max. 48 hours.

    Vertically adjustable shelves
    Slide-out glass shelves can be optionally placed inside the fresh food compartment to make enough space for bigger items (pans, bottles). To do that, you should only turn the shelf upside down (180°).

    Holiday mode
    Automatic temperature setting to ensure a minimum energy consumption during your vacation.

    Ice maker
    A special device with ergonomic water dispenser, which allows quick and easy

    Beverage rack
    This special space-saving curved rack is suitable for up to 4 bottles placed horizontally.

    The adjustable slide-out shelves which can be turned upside down (180°) are made of treated safety glass. The shelves ensure optional use of the storage space and provide enough room for higher objects like decanters, bottles, pots, etc.Super long storage of vegetables and fruits. The upper dry box with a lighting system Super long storage of vegetables and fruits. The upper dry box with a lighting system

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