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EU-Data Sheet

Energy efficiency class: A
Oven type: Multi 14
Multifunctional electric oven (LIFT function, Turbo heat function, top and bottom heat, hot air system, infrared grill – 14 operating modes) with INOX inner chamber
Oven capacity (L): 40
Interior:INOX stainless steel
Cool air circulation (Defrost):yes
Circulation system:yes
Chromium-plated side rails:chromed
Child lock:Child safety – control panel lock
Safety-LIFT – jamming prevention electronic sensors
Interior lighting:halogen
Basic equipment
Timer:Electronic programmer (ON/OFF-Function for oven)
Control light:yes
Universal glass tray (No):3 Kristall
Tecnical details
Product dimensions (H x W x D, cm):59,0 × 51,0 × 40,0
Niche dimensions (H x W x D, cm):59,5 x 56,0 x 48,0
Dimensions in packaging (H × W × D, cm):65,0 × 58,0 × 58,0
Energy source:Electric power
Nominal voltage (V):230
Frequency (Hz):50
Total power (kW):2,9
Safety (A):16
Meets safety regulations:yes
Net weight (kg):35
Gross weight (kg):37
Principal characteristics:

Turbo heat function
This function greatly reduces a time of heating of the oven with all of selected functions.

Electronic timer
The electronic timer is a short-term timer with an audable signal. It can be used to conveniently program the working time for the oven as well as the front left heating element on the ceramic cooktop. You can select the appropriate time to begin and end the cooking mode with the help of the push buttons. The working time will be indicated on the digital display.

Circulation system
This ensures permanent cooling-up of the oven interior and makes possible to build-in the appliances into kitchen furniture.

Infrared grill
The infrared grill is ideally suited if you prefer to cook fish, steaks or toasts in the oven. If you like crisped outside, slightly open the oven door or use the ventilator to achieve better results.

Hot air system
The hot air system is a convenient modern achievment. It consists of ring radiators and high-efficiency ventilators and provides even distribution of hot air throughout the oven cavity. The oven temperatures can be set to 50 – 280 °C which is ideally suited for baking cakes and biscuits. Fan-assisted cooking mode reduces cooking time, so is time and energy saving. This system ensures a substantially cleaner oven, prevents fat and juice from draining and provides an appreciably better taste.

INOX chamber
The inner chamber of the oven is made of INOX stainless steel. It is called healthy cooking, easy cleaning, environmental friendliness, longevity.

Easy fit shelf support rails
The shelf support rails are made of stainless steel. You can easily pull out universal glass trays.

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