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Cooking better
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Marke Kaiser ist der Gewinner des Wettbewerbes •German Brand Award 2018•
Cooking better
  Ceramic hob Ceramic hobs whit Hi-light heating elements provide powerful heat and ensure quick start facility. The ultimate temperature can be achieved in a blink which results in time and energy saving. This capacity makes the hobs,which are produced of high-quality ceramic glass, similar to gas cookers. The hobs feature an elegant design which adds a sophisticated style to the kitchen. Ceramic hobs are easy-to-operate and easy-to-clean. The heating elements are controled by means of non-stage controls.
    The basic cooking zone (single heating element)
    Dual cooking zone (dual heating element)
Dependent on the size of the pan, you can either use the smaller heating zone or, by necessity, additionally switch on the second, bigger heating zone: using both cooking zones simultaneously results in fast and efficient heat-up.
    Triple cooking zone It makes possible to activate one, two or three heating elements simultaneously.
    Additional cooking zone (extendable heating element)
Additional heating element enlarges the cooking zone so that it perfectly suits the size of extensive or oval pans.
    Residual heat indicator
All the stoves by Kaiser are equipped with residual heat indicators ensuring users safety. The LED is lit untill the temperatue of the corresponding heating zone is below 60"C. Switched off heating zones can be used for warming up dishes which ensures energy saving.
    Mechanical timer The audable signal will remind you to punctually switch off the stove or the oven.
    Electronic timer(Te)
The electronic timer is a short-term timer with an audable signal. It can be used to conveniently program the working time for the oven as well as the front left heating element on the ceramic cooktop. You can select the appropriate time to begin and end the cooking mode with the help of the push buttons. The working time will be indicated on the digital display.
    Electronic timer and roast sensor probe (Tt)
The easy-to-operate electronic timer can be used to conveniently program the working time for the oven as well as the front left heating element on the ceramic cooktop. This superautomatics provides precise roasting results: meat is always done up to the turn! The automatic system delievers accurate control on the meat core temperature: the oven is automatically switched off as soon as the required temperature is achieved. The audable signal indicates the end of the cooking mode. The running wcrking time and the actual temperature of the roasted meat are indicated on the digital display.
    "Logic control" electronic timer (Tk) with 11 language setting options
This superautomatic timer has all specific features presented in the models Te and Tt. The actual information on the cooking process in the Multi 12 oven can be indicated on the digital display in eleven languages.
    Super roast automatics
This automatic system ensures superior roasting results: meat is always done to a turn! The roast sensor probe delievers accurate control on the meat core temperature: the oven is automatically switched off as soon as the required temperature is achieved. The acustic signal indicates the end of the cooking mode.
    Electric rotating rotisserie
The rotisserie turns aoutomatically. It is suitable for big pieces of meat. Dependent on the size of the joint, you can either only switch on the infrared grill or also the additional top heat. If you feel like having grilled meat with an appetizing crisped outside, open the oven door slightly - the result will be even better!
    Hot air system
The hot air system is a convenient modern achievment. It consists of ring radiators and high-efficiency ventilators and provides even distribution of hot air throughout the oven cavity. The oven temperatures can be set to 50°- 280°C which is ideally suited for baking cakes and biscuits. Fan-assisted cooking mode reduces cooking time, so is time and energy saving. This system ensures a substantially cleaner oven, prevents fat and juice from draining and provides an appreciably better taste.
    Infrared grill
The infrared grill is ideally suited if you prefer to cook fish, steaks or toasts in the oven. If you like crisped outside, slightly open the oven door or use the ventilator to achieve better results.
    Cool oven front
The cookers by Kaiser® are produced either with a double-glazed oven door: (width: 60 cm) or a triple-glazed oven door (width: 50 cm). This results in the considerable lowering of the oven front temperature. Room air circulates between the hot glass panes and makes them cooler. This thermal insulation keeps the temperature of the outer glass pane considerably lower and ensures more safety. You can easily remove the the inner and external panes or the oven door itself in order to clean them more thoroughly.
    Easy-to-clean enamel
Enamel is a high-quality material used as a coating in the oven cavity. The extreme smooth enamel surface is non-porous, antistick, so gets less stained and is easy-to-clean. High acid resistance ensures its long-lasting performance and durability.
    Universal glass pan
An elegant heat-proof glass pan can be used for roasting, baking, warming-up, etc. Served in the universal glass pan, directly from the oven, the dishes look extremely appetizing.
    Telescopic guides
The telescopic guides ensure comfortable withdrawal of baking trays and, thus, a possibility to have an optimal look-in any time you like. Compared to similar models, the telescopic guides by Kaiser® have the advantage of providing easy and convenient access to every baking tray. The dish can be easily removed from the oven or checked up. A special anti-tilt system guarantee safety against overturning. The maximum load amounts to 15 kg. You can easily dismantle the telescopes in order to clean them thoroughly. The construction is made of stainless steel, so corrosion protection is ensured.
    Easy fit shelf support rails
The shelf support rails are made of stainless steel. You can pull out baking trays and wire shelves without any damage to the enamel. The side rails can be easily dismantled which ensures convenient cleaning of the oven cavity. The shelf support rails can be washed by hand or simply put in the dishwasher for convenient cleaning.
    High speed hotplates
High speed hotplates provide fast heat-up and so reduce food preparation time dramatically.
    Oven door safety lock
The oven doors of the cookers (width 50 cm) are eqipped with a little lock in order to ensure safety and protection. This additional safety measure can be especially recommended to families with small children.
    Dish drawer on roller guides
Thanks to roller guides, the dish drawer can be easily pulled out. It is very practical and spacious enough to accommodate larger pans.
    Cast iron pan supports
The pan supports provide an extensive surface ensuring higher safety and stability for pans. The supports are made without sharp turns, so are easy-to-clean. You can also place them into the washdisher for convenient cleaning.
    One handed ignition
Al gas and electric cookers by Kaiser® are equipped with automatic pilotless ignition. Just turn the knob - and the reliable burner ignition is provided. There is no need for matches or lighters any more.
    Flame failure safety device
All the gas cookers by Kaiser® are equipped with a flame failure safety device. The flame can extinguish because of a draught or boiled-over food. A thermo-sensor detector cuts off the gas supply automatically. This quick stop function ensures high security.
    Soft line oven doors
The convex front panel produced by Kaiser® is not only technically advantageous but also makes the appliance look more stylish and elegant.
    Circulation system
The built-in ovens by Kaiser® are equipped with a circulation system. This ensures permanent cooling-up of the oven interior and makes possible to build-in the appliances into kitchen furniture.
    Cool oven front
The built-in ovens by Kaiser® have double-glazed oven doors which improve insulation considerabley. In soft-line glass doors, the interval between the glass panes is bigger, this results in a better ventilation of the oven door, so that the temperature of the outer glass pane gets still lower. The inner glass pane is straight, so baking trays and pans can be conveniently placed within the oven cavity.
    Electronic sensor timer (Tps) Besides all specific features presented in the models Te and Tt, this superautomatic timer is also provided with a child lock. . The running working time as well as the actual temperature of the roasted meat are indicated on the digital display.
    Electronic precise simmer control
The system provides automatic lowering of the temperature according to the selected one. How does it work? - First, the cooking zone is ultimately heated-up and then switches off automatically: the temperature goes down to the preselected one.
Electronic system activates the heating element only after the pan has been placed in the centre of the basic hotplate. If a bigger or an oval pan is used, the dual or the extended heating zone is switched on automatically. The auto-focus system is advantageous in many respects, one of them is energy saving.
    Ceramic hob without edged sides
This hob features a flat one-piece ceramic surface that is sleek, with slightly bevelled edges. The hob design not only impresses aesthetically but also ensures easy and convenient cleaning.
    Electronic safety system
The safety system serves as child lock or blocking while cleaning in order to prevent switching on.

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